my forgotten fur baby...

Ya know how when people have their 1st child they do it all for them!
take pics of every little milestone
fill out baby books
do everthing by the book
it's their want to do it all the right way...
and then the 2nd baby comes along
they get a pic here and there..cause you just run out of time....

Well, that's what has happend with my boys.
Well, my furry boys!
Poor Cooper never even got introduced on my blog,
let alone write about anything else about him.

Here he is...all 6.8 lbs of him.
Cooper Jameson Mount
(yes, my dogs have middle names)
He's a wild, crazy, chihuhua mix
who thinks he is a pit bull!
Hates men!
Loves his mama!
(and a few select others)
and is having a terrible time with potty training,
so we just started puppy school!
Let's cross out fingers that this works cause his cuteness is only gonna get him so far!!!

Bugs Party

Gyllyan had her 7th Birthday party at
The Bensalem School of Gymnastics
(she's on a competition team there)
she just started Gymnastics this year
and loves, loves, loves, it!
So, it only made sense for her party to be there.
The kids had such a great time
and ofcourse Gyllyan had a great birthday!!!


Such cuties!

"Crazed Birthday Chic"

Daddy & Aydan

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4 years....

4 years have passed and yet it feels just like yesterday...
The hurt doesn't get easier or go away, sometimes, I think it gets worse!

This is one of my favorite photos!!!

I miss you both!

~Daddy & Chloe~
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Gyllyan is 7!


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